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The River Adur in West Sussex

Unveiling the Beauty of River Adur

I love a walk along River Adur, a picturesque waterway weaving through the heart of West Sussex. Renowned for its tranquil waters and lush landscapes, this 20-mile stretch is a treasure trove of natural and historical wonders. I love it!

The River Adur

A Brief Overview of River Adur

The River Adur originates in the High Weald beginning in the verdant Sussex Downs near West Grinstead, the River Adur carves a scenic route through the countryside.


As it flows southward, it passes through vibrant communities like Steyning, Upper Beeding, and finally merges with the English Channel at Shoreham Beach.

Historical Echoes Along the River Adur

Every bend of the River Adur is steeped in history, offering a glimpse into England's rich heritage. Here are some of the reasons I love this area of England.

Bramber Castle: A Norman Legacy


Dominating the landscape, the English Heritage ruins of Bramber Castle remind us of the medieval era. Its vantage point offers a commanding view over the River Adur, making it a must-visit for history aficionados.

Shoreham-by-Sea Viaduct: A Historical Journey


This repurposed railway viaduct is a testament to the region's engineering prowess. It now serves as a picturesque walkway, providing stunning vistas of the river and sea. I love the way they have left in an old original railway semaphore signal still there in all its glory (nice touch).

Steyning and Upper Beeding: Cultural Hubs


These bustling towns along the River Adur's banks are home to historic sites like ancient churches and mills. Their charming streets are a blend of past and present, inviting visitors to explore and enjoy.

River Adur

A Haven for Wildlife and Angling Enthusiasts

The River Adur's ecosystem is a vibrant tapestry of flora and fauna.

Abundant Fish Species


Anglers flock to the River Adur for its diverse fish population, including species like trout and bass, making it a premier fishing destination in West Sussex.

Birdlife and Mammals on the Riverbanks


The riverbanks are alive with bird species such as kingfishers and herons. Mammals like otters and voles also thrive in this biodiverse habitat, we find it is a great spot for wildlife observation.

Protecting the River Adur's Environment

Environmental conservation is key to maintaining the River Adur's pristine condition. Efforts by local groups and environmentalists aim to combat pollution and preserve this vital waterway for future generations.

Engaging in Recreational Activities Along the River

River Adur is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a range of activities that cater to all tastes. I truly believe there is something for everyone here in West Sussex.

Watersports and Angling Adventures

From tranquil fishing to exhilarating kayaking, the River Adur is ideal for various water-based activities. It's a perfect spot for those looking to connect with nature through sports and leisure.

Trails and Pathways for Explorers

The river's banks are lined with trails like the South Downs Way, ideal for hiking and cycling. These paths offer breathtaking views and a peaceful escape into nature and you can't beat a day out on some of the paths.

River Adur Shoreham

A Destination for All

The River is more than just another river; it's a symbol of West Sussex's natural splendour and cultural heritage in the area.


Its ongoing preservation is essential, making it an enduring attraction for visitors seeking peace, adventure, and a connection with nature.


We are always keen (weather permitting) to explore the River Adur for an unforgettable experience in one of Britain's most cherished landscapes.

Other rivers in the area, are the River Ouse (on the south coast) 10 miles to the east at Newhaven and the River Arun 10 miles to the east at Littlehampton.